A photo booth on a trike, huh?

Yes! We have designed a unique photo booth with professional camera and printing gear and a basket full of props. Our trike riders are bringing the photo booth experience to people on the streets at popular tourist locations and landmarks. You get two instant photo strips or custom postcards on the spot. 


How does it work?

With solar panels and batteries we are able to charge our printers and camera to give you instant photo strips. We like to think of ourselves as having a small eco footprint. Where we have Wifi access, we can also send you your photos so you can Instagram or Tweet them. 


Do you have regular photo booths? 

Yes, we offer our clients open-air style photo booths with customized backdrops and green screens to bring you special graphics and designs. 


Why did you guys create this?

We wanted to accomplish two things going into this business: 1) We are a veteran-owned company and we wanted to create jobs for veterans like ourselves. 2) We are building a private eco-community in Belize. Part of our profits will be put towards building a sustainable off-grid community with its own food and power supply.